D.A.V. Boys Senior Secondary School Gopalapuram

Rules and Regulations

Attendance on the last working day and reopening day is compulsory. An extended holiday along with any vacation will not be condoned.
Rule 1
A pupil may avail leave only with prior permission except in unforeseen cases. In case of such an eventuality, the pupil will have to ensure that the leave application reaches the office or the class teacher be informed on the first day of absence. Students will not be permitted to enter the class without a letter from the parent in this regard. Parents are requested not to apply for leave for their wards along with the holidays already declared by the school or an extended holiday during weekends.
Rule 2
All leave applications exceeding two days are to be addressed to the Principal by the pupil's parent/guardian, while application for short durations of two days or less are to be addressed to the class teacher or entered and also endorsed by the Class Teacher in the given format in the calendar.
Rule 3
Any pupil availing himself of sick leave shall be required to produce a medical certificate and a prescription signed by the doctor.
Rule 4
Punctuality: Please ensure that your child is always regular as well as punctual in reaching school. Coming late to school will be taken serious note of. Repetitive late coming will incur action. Students are advised to report to school only between 7.45 a.m and 8.00 a.m. The school authorities are not responsible for the students who reach the school before the specified time.
Rule 5
In case of unauthorized absence for 10 days or more the student’s name would be removed from the rolls.
Rule 6
Pupils requiring leave during any part of the day, whatever be the reason, will have to obtain the principal's permission in person, supported by a written request from the parent. Pupils will be permitted to go only with the parent/ guardian.
Rule 7
Every pupil is required to have an attendance of not less than 85% of the working days in a school year, failing which the chances of promotion to the next class is doubtful.
Rule 8
Absenteeism on days preceding the Examinations or Periodic Tests shall be viewed seriously. The parents shall explain the reason to the Principal, in person.
Rule 9
Parents should ensure that their ward/s are present for all examinations.
Rule 10
Academic dishonesty (Adopting malpractice for academic work like in record work, projects, class tests, examinations etc.) shall warrant severe punishment. Also, in very serious cases, at the discretion of the Principal, the candidate who is found guilty would be issued with the TC.
Rule 11
Physical Education is compulsory for all pupils up to Class XII. Students having less than 80% of attendance to PE classes, may not be considered for promotion.
Rule 12
Students shall be assigned suitable places in the class room by the class teachers and the students will have to adhere to the same.
Rule 13
Parents are requested to send packed lunch only through their wards. The watchmen have been strictly instructed not to collect the lunch bags or any other material from anyone, including parents for security reasons.
Rule 14
Students are not permitted to carry non-vegetarian food to school.
Rule 15
Dispersal: The school gates will be opened to parents and escorts of students of classes I to V at 2.00 p.m., and for students of Class VI to XII at 2.50 p.m. Parents are requested to ensure that their ward/s leave the school on time.
Rule 16
Dispersal of students of classes I to V going by Van / Auto / Car is through the PADMAVATHIAR ROAD ENTRANCE and for those escorted by Parents / Guardians, it is through the Main entrance. Parents/ Escorts are requested not to use the entrance from the PADMAVATHIAR ROAD to collect their wards. Due arrangements must be made to collect the students as soon as the classes get over every day.
Rule 17
Parents are to ensure that the students carry only the Text books, Notebooks and other materials required, for that day along with them WITHOUT FAIL. Students are discouraged from carrying anything that is not required for the day.
Rule 18
Students must strictly adhere to the school norms for proper turn out, which include belt, clean shoes & socks, clean & short nails and hair trimmed. Any default will lead to strict disciplinary action.
Rule 19
Students are expected to co-operate in keeping the premises of the school neat and tidy and therefore refrain from scribbling on the walls and littering. Any objectionable practices like damaging the furniture, dirtying the floor or spitting shall be viewed very seriously.
Rule 20
Students shall greet one another and their teachers with the traditional "Namaste" and their behavior towards elders shall be marked with respect and obedience.
Rule 21
On a teacher entering the classroom the students shall rise and remain standing till they are advised to sit by the teacher. At the end of the class, when the teacher leaves, the students shall rise again, express gratitude and resume their seats quickly. The classes will commence and end with a brief silent prayer.
Rule 22
The class leaders, deputy leaders and all students shall willingly extend their cooperation with obedience inside the classroom and at every school function, inside and outside the premises.
Rule 23
The School Pupil Leader, the Assistant School Pupil Leader, the House Captains and the House Vice-Captains and other Council Members who constitute the School Prefect Council will help the authorities on matters of discipline and administration.
Rule 24
Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour at all points in time inclusive of the short break, the long recess etc.
Rule 25
(a) Periodical Progress Reports shall be sent to parents or guardians to appraise them of the student’s regularity, conduct and work at school.
(b) Any student who does not return the progress report within two days duly signed by the parent or guardian shall not be allowed to attend classes.
(c) Any student who tampers with the progress report or is found guilty of any other malpractice in this connection is liable to face severe disciplinary action.
Rule 26
Whenever a call goes to the parent from the school in connection with the child's work or conduct at school, he/she will kindly make it a point to respond to it in the interest of the child.
Rule 27
Parents are expected to go through the School diary of their ward everyday for any information sent by the school and acknowledge the messages sent by affixing their signature in the appropriate place. They are also requested to adopt the measures recommended by the school in the best interest of the child.
Rule 28
No student is permitted to bring any money to school unless a written note is sent by the teacher. Whenever money is sent,the parent should insist on an acknowledgement for the same from the teacher.
Rule 29
No student or group of students or members of students' association / clubs are permitted to collect any funds in cash or cheque from any internal or external source. The parents are advised to warn their children against any collection. Any violation of this rule will be strictly dealt with.
Rule 30
Parents are advised not to send their children for private tuition in any subject to coaching centres. Parents can seek the help of the Principal to enroll their child in the special classes being conducted in the school after or during the school hours
Rule 31
It is also to be noted that as per the rules of the school our school teachers will not entertain private tuitions at home.
Rule 32
Students are not permitted to bring cell phones or other electronic gadgets to school as per Government Order and our school rules. Any violation in this regard will invoke strict disciplinary action against the student.
Rule 33
Random checking of bags shall be conducted on any day that the child is in school or in a school program. The bags can be checked for the following –
(i) Mobile phones;
(ii) Extra books not required by students as per timetable;
(iii) Story books other than school library books;
(iv) Any other unwanted material etc. In case of finding unwarranted material in the bag, suitable disciplinary action shall be initiated
Rule 34
Application for Transfer Certificate, signed by both the parents must be handed over at the office by the parent in person.
Rule 35
This School diary should be brought to school daily and entries regarding leave record, daily work, communication, out pass record, and other details should be duly filled in as and when required.
Rule 36
The presence of parents for the Parents-Teachers meeting is highly encouraged. Kindly follow the schedule given by the class teacher for the same. The parents are requested to contact the Class/Subject teachers on other days only through the Principal/Headmistress with prior appointment.
Rule 37
Classes Day Time Roll No.s
II and III 1st saturday of every month 2.30 p.m to 3.15 p.m Roll Nos. 1 to 20
II and III 1st Saturday of every month 3.15 p.m to 4.00 p.m Roll No. 21 onwards
I, IV and V 3rd Saturday of every month 2.30 p.m to 3.15 p.m Roll Nos. 1 to 20
I, IV and V 3rd Saturday of every month 3.15 p.m to 4.00 p.m. Roll Nos. 21 onwards
VI to VIII 1st Saturday of every month 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m --
IX to XII 3rd Saturday of every month 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m --

PTM Schedule
Parents are requested to contact the Class teachers to get prior appointment to meet the Principal / Headmistress.
Rule 38
Parents are requested to note the visiting hours given below,
to discuss / share with the Principal or Headmistress anything with regard to their child.
Monday to Friday:
9.00 a.m to 10.00 a.m
2.30 p.m to 3.30 p.m
9.00 a.m to 10.00 a.m
Rule 39
The student’s behaviour is expected to be exemplary always, keeping in alignment the honour of the institution.
Rule 40